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Elizabeth Loftus

“When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it had happened or not.”—Mark Twain Elizabeth Loftus is a renowned psychologist who specializes in memory, she focuses her theories and research on the premise that memories are not always accurate, and that repressed memories can be false memories created by the brain. Loftus theorized that … Continue reading “Elizabeth Loftus”

Memory processes

Can u remember everything you did yesterday? What about last week or how about your first day at school? Yesterday will probably be easy but the further you go back they more faded the memory may be. Memory is the process involved in retaining, retrieving and using information of what we seen and heard, after … Continue reading “Memory processes”

Writing for the web

It take a certain type of skill practiced over and over again to write content for the web. It is not the same as the essay style writing you make be use to in college, it is less fluff and jargon, and more straight to the point. Your writing needs to be concise and easy … Continue reading “Writing for the web”

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