Child development

Developmental psychology focuses on how humans grow, develop skills, and adapt across the lifespan; asking questions like how much skills are we born with? Or how much training does a child need to develop life skills? One psychologist who was a pioneer in this research was Jean Piaget. He observed how children were experimenters of their own world making little “experiments” and finding solutions through trial and error. As a parent you might think your child is just picking up blocks and dropping them as a means of getting attention, but according to Piaget these little “experiments” are a child’s way of making discoveries about the world around them. Children learn through play and develop the necessary life skills to grow into fully functioning adults. Going through four stages of development, each one with its own particular cognitive growth. Check out the video on how exactly a child develops through each stage:

Courtesy of YouTube

Having watch that video can you think back to when you were that age, did you ask your parents why profusely? Or conduct little experiments and play pretend? I know I made lots of mud pies and much to my mothers dismay questioned everything!

I also wonder should adults continue to play, paint and question the world? Maybe that the secret to feeling young! What do you think?

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